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Concrit Meme

Got any concrit for Dino, either with the way I play him or the things I do with him? Or just general comments? Leave them here in this post please~

Of course, all comments are screened.


[marching through the forests of camp is a really long line of mafiaponies. They are ambling along in single file line and, at the head of the line, they pass one by one through the barrier.

A mafiaboss stands near the barrier, patiently watching them.]


Tiny notes

Point the first: They're done they're finally done.

Point the second: Calling a mini hiatus from Thursday (7/17) to Sunday (7/20); heading out to Vegas to learn the ways of alcohol and gambling from my cousins. By which I mean I will take the money they give me to buy booze and gamble and run over to Circus Circus so I can win adorable stuffed animals. Probably won't be taking my laptop with me, but I might hijack my sister's to peek in every now and then o/

Point the third: I will be intro-ing Kumohira when I get back; sorry to my castmates for neglecting him for so long. I'll also try to get a thread or two in for him before I leave for the weekend since his icons are going so fast, so uh. Yeah. I remember that he exists guys, really.
Slowly redoing all of Dino's icons and most of his keywords.


Shopped Icons

These have been accumulated over the past... whatever weeks and I thought it'd be nice and brainbreaking to share them.

Just to give you an idea of what to expect:

I'd like to thank my tablet and my corrupted brain.Collapse )


Comment Counter Meme part deux

Previous meme here

lol balance lolCollapse )

Overall, my average comment count has gone up, but we do not speak about my inability to balance.

Kyou love goes here

House Quiz thing

... I found these two most interesting.

DinoCollapse )

CooroCollapse )
Short hiatus from Friday morning to Sunday evening; heading out to Laughlin to get drunk with old people and possibly fall into the river. I am unsure about the internet status there, but I'll sneak on if it exists.